BOTTLECAPPSTM is a cloud-hosted smartphone application that runs on both iOS (Apple) and Android smartphones and provides liquor business owners and managers the ability to sell their products effortlessly within the smartphone app.

The “app” allows a customer the ability to shop on their smartphone for beers, wines, and spirits — wherever they may be located. For the business owner, it offers comprehensive CRM capabilities to understand and cater to your customers.


Experts predict that by 2020, mobile commerce spending will have doubled that of traditional desktop e-commerce.
Liquor stores are improving their mobile presence and purchase rates are improving as mobile payments become more seamless.
Smartphones are growing more quickly than tablets, especially with the popularity of larger-screen phones.
Apple and Android are both making gains versus a shrinking desktop; apps are easier to use and quicker.


You’re in a very competitive market. You need all the help you can get—that’s where we come in! We focus on mobile and in-store strategies to build your business so that you can compete in today’s challenging environment.

Numerous studies show that purchases and user engagement on mobile devices are exploding, compared to purchases and engagement on desktops. The mobile environment is projected to dominate nearly one third (1/3) of all retail purchase decisions.

Ignoring the importance of having your own branded app with your own logo in the hands of the buying public can be dangerous. Consider being the company that uses BOTTLECAPPSTM to bring in more customers who aren’t being served by your competition in this manner.


We've integrated an e-commerce shopping cart with real-time ordering capability. With BOTTLECAPPSTM, your customers can:

SEARCH OR SCAN for their favorite product
READ product reviews and tasting notes
SEE their loyalty card points
CREATE a favorites list that makes orders a breeze
REORDER any of their previous orders
RECEIVE targeted as well as general notifications about sales, promotions, and special events

FIND your store location with guided/narrated directions and store hours
CONTACT you via phone or email all within the app
PAY within the app through Authorize.net, a leader in secure payment gateways or pay at store
CUT through the line and checkout using the app
REDEEM coupons issued by store


Maintain unified communication with accounts on a customized CRM platform and gather new information on potential clients. This included product is integrated to our app and provides the liquor business owner the ability to send notifications, create events and tastings, and generate reports. We are able to interface to all popular liquor POS systems.


Digital Signage is an effective way to engage your in-store customers. With the BOTTLECAPPSTM system, , you can prominently show promoted products, events, custom videos and sales pricing. You can assign multiple lists and schedule out ads to run and expire on a given date. You can also display on a single screen or multiple screens throughout the store.
The best part: it's all managed through our back-end webconsole and works in conjunction with all other BOTTLECAPPSTM products.


BOTTLECAPPSTM REWARDS is a fully funded and managed rewards program aimed at incentivizing a store’s app users (store patrons) to promote the app and store through social sharing and an "invite your friends" type of approach. Social proof and social sharing are two of the most effective and fast-growing marketing strategies today. So, with BOTTLECAPPSTM REWARDS, we have developed a plan to tap into this style of “organic” growth to maximize the store's energies and returns. This is the only rewards program of its kind!


BOTTLECAPPSTM collects valuable information for the liquor store owner/manager. While many POS systems collect basic information, BOTTLECAPPSTM goes a step further to be able to tell you the customer’s demographics—their age, sex, location, past online orders, how long they shopped using the app, specific events and product notifications that were sent, etc.

This Business Intelligence Toolbox feature (BIT) is powerful. It allows you to understand your customers better. It uses collected information and tells you what products are selling and those that are not. In short, BIT elevates your ability to grow your business with sound information.




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